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Kurt Ahs, a Singapore / Malaysia based contemporary art portrait and destination wedding photographer. He started his career as a graphic artist in Singapore after graduated from one of most prestigious art university in Malaysia, 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design and major in Fine-Art Photography.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Kurt has developed his passion and time building up his career and creating his own portfolio in the area of advertising, commercial and wedding photography.

In 2009, he founded “Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs(perhaps, life can be found only in the present moment), as he wanted to express the aesthetic aspect of journalism in life, bridal and wedding images. to date, Kurt has more than 11 years of work experience in creative photography. he and his team have covered thousands of engagement sessions, pre-wedding, weddings, modern portraits locally and aboard over 38 countries and 56 cities (France, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican City, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and others).

His works has caught the attention of the local and international media. He was interviewed and featured in Newspapers, Bridal Magazines, Men’s Uno Magazine and Wedding Bureau Singapore. In 2011, an extraordinary interview took place in Shinjuku, Japan by a New York based writer/ journalist Iva Skoch. With his artistic works, Kurt Ahs has nominated for international “Fearless Photographers Awards” since 2013. http://www.fearlessphotographers.com/photographers.cfm?photogID=2249&kurt-ahs 

“This too shall pass, life can be found only in the present moment”, this is what he thinks and believes. Thus, this is the motivation to him, to create an eye-catching and meaningful artwork around the world on that special moment in life.


3 thoughts on “A B O U T

  1. Christy says:

    Hi Kurt,

    I would like to ask about the Osaka pre wedding. I would like to join on 11April, 2011. Is it still available?

    I am looking forward to your reply soon.

    Christy Lam (Hong Kong)
    852 9358 3146

  2. wilson.yu@kou-fu.com says:

    My name is Wilson, living in Macau & HK.
    I am planning to have a pre-wedding photo trip from 2nd -5th October in Osaka,Japan.

    I am looking for a great photographer for my important moment. Luckily, I found your profile in internet, your photos are awesome. i love the moment you capture, the colour and composition. All stunning.
    Have you guys ever been Osaka? This will be my first time. i expect some nice shot in special location

    Do you have time from 2nd -5th October. Thank you.

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