See you in GUAM ISLAND, U.S .. (12th – 18th Mar 2010)

Guam is three hours by airplane from Tokyo and Manila, four hours from Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taipei, five hours from Saigon, Singapore, and Bali, and six hours to Bangkok, Sydney, and Auckland.
Going to the other side of the International Dateline, it is seven hours by air plane to Fiji, Honolulu, and Samoa, and eight hours to Tahiti.
Guam is located at 12 degrees 75 minutes north latitude, and 144 degrees 47 minutes east longitude. If you were to draw a straight line east of Manila, Philippines and another line south from Tokyo, Japan, the two lines would intersect near Guam. Guam is the southern most island in the Marianas Island chain. The closest neighbor islands are Rota, Tinian, and Saipan.
Guam is across the International Dateline from the mainland United States. Guam’s time zone is GMT + 10 hours or international “K” time zone.


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