Testimonial by Ito Yasuhiro & Haruka’ Tokyo, Japan

ItoYasuhiro&Haruka_051Well, we had a luncheon reception instead of dinner. We planned for the wedding since a year ago and was specific with our own theme and decoration, and that made us quite anxious and worried wondering our wedding will turn out as we wished…

It surprised me when I step walking down the aisle…the place was fabulous~It just turns out great~
But not so sure was it because we were the main role or that there were too many things and friends and relatives that we have to care for that I didn’t really have time to take notice and to feel the whole sweetly decorated place.(^^; But we were so glad that it turns out gorgeously sweeeet~(^-^*)

The wedding just happened in a click of flash…
Too fast and soooooo miss every moment of it~

We were happy and would like to give some
biggie thanks specially to♥

♥ Kurt An
Our photographer for pre-wedding shoot and our wedding photojournalist of the day~KURT AN’s role was to take down hundreds of every sweet lovely moments of our lovely memorable day~!(^0^*)
He sure did it for us and we love his fabulous memorable shots so much~! ♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you Kurt~!
Every shots were just great!

♥ Stephen Foong
Our MC and coordinator.
Thank you for making the place sweet and liven up the day~

♥ SuLi
My makeup artist~
Your makeup was just what I expected! (^-^)
Was having a hard time worrying about my makeup look on the day! Thanks!

Garden Matrimony of Ito Yasuhiro & Haruka
location: The Courtyard Garden, Damansara Heights on 25 April 2009

Thanks by perhapslifemoments’ kurt ahs ( Testimonial of 2008 )

A little note to say a huge “thank you” from Marcus and I for our fabulous pre-wedding photos. We were making a “wow” when gone through your masterpiece at the bridal boutique. We love the way the photo turned out and it is exceeded our expectation.

You are not only a great photographer but a great person whom we are so happy to get a chance to know. You helped make the shooting day so enjoyable and we have a fantastic range of formal, classic and relaxed photographs. At the end of the day you were seen more like a friend, rather than a photographer doing a job.

Your photographs will help us keep the very special memories for the rest of our lives and we will definitely be recommending your services to those taking the plunge soon!

Keep up the fantastic work Kurt!

Thanks and regards,
Marcus & Carmen

Thanks for taking such great photos for my lovely friends, Wie & Vera, they had a very hard time to find a great photographer like you. These photos are the evidence of their love and definitely help all of us to keep the special memories…

Kurt i love ur impressive works..ur passion is completely shown in ur every piece of art…it’s the best ever gift for every loving couple…which oso enable their love to be turn into evidence to share with family n friends…CHEERS U CAN DO BETTER!!


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