korea seoul + jeju island . celebrating engagement moments of steve + chloe (malaysia)


這簡單的詞就是我對 Kurt Ahs 所拍出來婚紗照的感覺。

初始本來打算找傳統婚紗攝影公司來拍攝我們的婚紗照,可是機緣巧合朋友介紹之下讓我們碰見了 Kurt Ahs 的專業作品,他的作品很明顯帶有非一般感覺又有獨特風格的婚紗照,新郎新娘穿著很一般很簡單的禮服可是卻能拍出一幅又一幅很有感覺的照片。

韓國之旅咱們一夥都是第一次拜訪,初始我都會擔心在人生路不熟的情況下要如何拍出好的照片呢?原來我們的擔心是多餘的,這就是 Kurt Ahs 的強項,他總是有辦法在陌生的地方邊走邊拍的情況下找出恰當和適當的地方時刻拍出令人稱職完美的照片。

Kurt Ahs 令人稱讚的地方還有在攝氏十度以下加上穿著沒什麼保暖的情況下我們這對新人其實都顯得特別累,可是他就有辦法把我們的笑容拍的特別燦爛和自然。


整個拍攝過程我們都很樂在其中,當我們感覺很累很冷的時候他總有辦法讓我們笑起來, 多謝 : )

Testimonial by
steve + chloe (Penang, Malaysia)

europe destination . engagement portrait / pre-wedding photography . april & july of 2015 / 2016

wedding photography europe schedule by kurt ahs. 3235

pre-wedding . engagement sessions . weddings . portraits

Jan . koh samui . bangkok (full)
Mar . bali . lombok (full)
Apr . bangkok . hua hin . paris (full)
May . jakarta . (slots)
Jul . rome . umbria . sicily . zurich . london . gili island . bali (slots)
Aug . las vegas (leisure)
Oct . beijing . bali (slots)
Nov . seoul . nami island (slots)
Dec . bali (slots)

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what a touching love story by edwin+deborah from brunei

Feel glad to flash back to Ayana Resort and Spa Bali for Edwin+Deborah’s engagement session. Although we’re having unpleasant weather on the day, but we still able to have fun and managed to have the nice shots in around Bali and Ayana.
What a touching love story by this Brunei couple for the video interview~ cheers.

Couple . Edwin + Deborah (Brunei)
Location . Ayana Resort & Spa Bali

Art direction + photography . Kurt Ahs
(Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs)
Make-up + hair-do . Hendy Brush
Cinematography . Ken Chan Production


sweet testimonial by jason+mel (malaysia) . MUCH APPRECIATED

We take our pre-wedding photo as a photojournalism of our 6 years relationship as well as a celebration of stepping into a new chapter of life. We didn’t have any idea where to go for photo-shooting but we both were determined to have Kurt Ahs as our pre-wedding photographer.

He is good in revealing the intimacy and capturing the snippet of loving between the couple. You do not need to have flattering gown or perfect face, as he could always find the best angle of you, creating a flawless and ever-lasting memory.
We enjoyed the shooting with Kurt, he was really friendly and have a sense of humor that made the whole shooting process relax and joyous.
The outcomes? I am sure I do not need to say much of it, everyone was speaking highly of it, we love it and proudly to have such a wonderful pre-wedding photos.

By Jason+Mel (Malaysia)


HEARTFELT TESTIMONIAL by ivan+vina from perth western australia

Glad to have heartfelt testimonial from Ivan + Vina (Perth Western Australia)

“Kurt is amazing, he is not your mainstream photographer! Our session in Prague and Madrid were just like taking a holiday with a friend who happens to be extremely good at taking photos!
Laviana and I thoroughly enjoyed our journey in Europe with Kurt and we are not just taking back the photos with us, but it’s also the friendship that we have developed with Kurt.
Photography is one of my hobbies as well and I did take my time in looking for the best person to take my pre-wedding shoots. I fell in love with how Kurt’s spontaneous creativity combined with his eye for details turn our wonderful moments into a beautiful artworks. If we have to do our pre-wedding shoots all over again, Kurt will definitely tops the list once again”. 

prague czech republic . photography kurt ahs . ivan+vina . 23347